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El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya - Homes and residential lots for sale in Celaya, Guanajuato

Residential development in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

Residential lots for sale
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Your safety is our priority

At El Mayorazgo Residencial we want you and your family to live peacefully and happily, which is why we have exclusive gated communities equipped with the highest security measures.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

Surveillance module

It is where the security personnel monitors and supervises the accesses, exits and movements of each gated community, allowing our residents to live completely safe in their home.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

Facial recognition

Enter and leave your gated community without having to take any device or key with you. With facial recognition, automatic access is possible. Enjoy the comfort and security that this technology offers you. Available in the Mayorazgo La Rioja and Mayorazgo San Agustin gated communities.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

Vehicle barriers

Barriers that control and give efficient vehicle access to your gated community. They are automatically activated just by being present, and for your visitors they are activated through a remote control system controlled from the surveillance module.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

CCTV cameras

For the constant supervision of your gated community, these video devices record and stream in real time, providing a detailed record of the activities in your gated community.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya


Our gates are the perfect solution for you to live in a 100% secure environment, since they close at night and control vehicular access, giving you peace of mind.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

Electrified fencing along the perimeter

Our perimeter fence with electrified mesh is a physical barrier that surrounds the entire gated community, limiting access to unauthorized people. With a height of 3.64 meters, it is reinforced with 7-wire electrified mesh and super spikes, providing an additional level of security that deters intruders.

Security - El Mayorazgo Residencial in Celaya

Permanent surveillance

The constant presence of security personnel in each of our gated communities guarantees a quick and effective response to any risk situation. Here you will live with the security that you and your family will be protected at all times.